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Join the movement for change and add your voice to the petition that aims to make a tangible impact on the issues that matter most to you. Together, we can create a better future through collective action.

wht we stand for

We, the undersigned members of the Costa Mesa community, oppose any Inclusionary Housing Ordinance (IHO) in Costa Mesa as it ONLY serves Sacramento’s RHNA requirement of 11,760 new dwelling units in OUR community.


With IHO, and the 2022 approval of Measure K, residents will have NO vote in how our city is developed.  Developers will have even more incentives to build HIGHER density developments. 


We do not want 11,760 new apartments with 4,700 low income units in our city.  IHO has already been tried and failed in many communities and will negatively impact traffic, public safety and our city budget.


Please support the homeowners and stakeholder in Costa Mesa by voting NO on IHO.

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